About Mission Voyages

It is all about inspiring others with the love of Jesus that is shared abroad in my heart. Therefore, you will find in Mission Voyages' blog experience that may warm your heart, strengthen your faith, draw you closer to God, and inspire you to do the same wherever and with whatever you have. Because the love of Christ constrains us.

Benin 2020-2021

Mission Voyages Benin


Because they are the leaders of tomorrow; today is already far spent. God loves working with young people. The energy and zeal that the youth can have is yet to be fully seen. That's why mission is not complete when the youth are not empowered.


The great Missionary, Himself, took notice of people's sufferings and helped them decidedly. He is our great Pattern that we can definitely follow as becoming us. Again, He is a healer, still. 


Before Jesus left, He made sure that His work did not leave with Him but even more perpetuates until He returns. Therefore, ours here is to empower locals with skills and knowledge that is needed to be better and effective leaders. 

Benin Population
Benin Adventist Mission Staff

Behind the blog


Vuyo Ngwenya


Having had grown in a previous disadvantaged environment, I see no value in me other than that which Christ has invested in me. And today I use all that past to give me more leverage in touching the lives of people and spreading the love that was unduly bestowed upon you and me. Mission Voyages in one way I hope to inspire others to do the work that lies nearest to them with fidelity; it is not because we have what it takes but we have Who it takes.