Adjusting to Benin Culture

When the fullness of time is come, God's will is always fulfilled. Our decisions may either hastens or delay His plans. But we can rest assured of His promises. I can't really tell whether I have hastened or delayed my coming to Benin, but it has happened by Providence. 

There is a first time for everything

Life as a journey is full of adventures. From infancy, we live to learn new things of this intricate world. These adventures are not always cluttered with mishaps, pain and suffering; there are also experiences worth treasuring that we often seek to capture on camera to reminisce in the future.

I have had my own share of first-time experiences. It was about time that I, as an African, should not only see, but also partake in African indigenous food like the yam (pictured above). 

Food is always an integral part of any culture, and as cultures are different so are the delicacies on which we subsist which are sometimes needing time to get used to them. 

Another experience that I had is that of seeing wildlife, particularly the ostrich, in real time in that close proximity; it is priceless. Of course, while the cameras try to capture the picturesque scenes in nature nothing beats our two eye balls.

Anyway, I had to learn not only to do things a little different like to sleep under a mosquito net, thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables before eating, blend food on the natural blender (stones), and what have you. Thus, all these experiences made me think a little bit of Jesus having left heaven with all of its untold glory to live like men with the countless difficulties of this poor world. Nevertheless, I will never fully grasp it especially having not seen yet the splendor of heaven.

Finally, I have had uniquely new encounters with the Lord. Experiences that supersede a first unique encounter with God I know not. Truly, His mercies are new every morning we just have to pause and see them. Having grown fatherless, it had always been almost impossible to view God as a Father let alone a loving One. I had been knowing and believing that God is loving, but never really seen His glory the way I see Him now. Coming to Benin, no doubt has drastically increased the trajectory of my life as a servant of the Almighty King of kings who happens to be our Father too; yes yours too, I am referring to you. Think about it, will you?

I will share more experiences and testimonies as the work and time permits. 

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3 thoughts on “Adjusting to Benin Culture

  1. This is amazing. Reading your story, I was always reminded that my people really need me abd I can’t wait to go home and reaching out to many people as I can with the help of God.
    Your experience reminded me about a missionary name Eric B. Hare. I hope you read his book more than once. We want to let you know that we’re praying for you to be strong and couragous for the Lord. May the Lord bless your mission.

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