Suzanne Set free

I am delighted to pen this article of what just transpired today (Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020). The events, as I will relate them, give evidence of the love and grace of God as manifested in His endeavors to set free those who are in bondage. Besides, the Biblical narrative is themed by stories of the same effect -- God who is interested in liberating us -- these are are no unfamiliar events to most Christians.


When it all began

About ten days ago (on Monday, Dec 7, 2020), I left the AFM center facility to reside with a local church leader, brother Shal, who is actively involved in evangelism. In fact, he works for AFM as a local Bible worker. I thought that I was coming here solely to practice and learn more of the local language, French, yet God had more agenda on His curriculum. Thus, I will tell you one experience that shows God's intention for places like this.

On the previous Tuesday, I accompanied brother Shal to his bible contacts. That's where I first met Suzanne, one of his contacts. Upon arrival, I observed and quickly noticed that she was sick. It was blatantly obvious. She moved rather slow, her countenance was fallen, and her voice emphasized weakness. Then, Brother Shal had a 5 minutes talk with her, we prayed and left. He and I would return in 5 days.

God has the final word

On this Sunday, we went again and we studied the Bible with Suzanne and her sister. I thought the study went well even though I could not do much, but pray as brother Shal was teaching in French. However, I can now understand French considerably, and if you have enough patience I can speak with you. After the study, brother Shal thought it would be a good idea for us to return on Tuesday (yesterday). Later, I would found out why.

Tuesday came, I woke up and had my own share of time with the Lord, and soon after that I was confronted with temptation. By God's grace, I resisted the devil. It is clear that he wanted to stop the prayer session before it had begun. Afterwards, we left for the prayer at Suzanne's home.

When we had just left, Brother Shal then decided it was due time for him to tell me what was going on. He, mingling French and English, said that she does not have a normal sickness, the sickness is caused by demon possession. I thank God for allowing the information to be hid from me because I might have overthought it. Nonetheless, I was quiet for a while on the journey to her house, and I was thinking about God's promises. Moreover, I recalled how He had proven Himself in my life by delivering me from the power of sinful addictions. This same God wants to deliver His oppressed and possessed daughter. Hence, we prayed for her and it was clear that she was possessed.

"All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth." that's my Lord.

We left her home and we decided to return today, and we did. But between today and yesterday there was a night, right? It was not a ordinary night. We experienced it: there was a battle raging. When we returned to Suzanne's home, we understood why.

During the night, Suzanne was SET FREE! She told us this with her face glowing with happiness. I am so happy right now and I couldn't wait to pen this down for you. Please continue to pray for her; she is still physically sick.

"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free"


I want to encourage those that are possessed (it may be a different form) or oppressed by the devil to look unto Jesus, and He will set you free. Addictions and such sins that control a person are a form of possession. Depression, anxiety, sickness are a few examples of oppression. Therefore, whatever has entangled you know that there is freedom in Christ. Go to Christ in prayer humbling yourself, and claim His promises in His Word. Then, you too will experience this joy of being a child of God, and you will find joy in sharing this love with others like Suzanne.

Please comment down below, and share your thoughts or experiences. Or you can contact me directly.

8 thoughts on “Suzanne Set free

  1. Praise the LORD

    Thank you for sharing brother Vuyo. May the Lord continue to use you. And May He give you the gift of His Spirit

  2. Glory to the Almighty my dear boy …

    What is impossible with man is possible with God …

    May the Lord continue to use you and grow in His service …

  3. It really behoves us to daily seek the in dwelling of the Spirit, who cleanses us from sin and sanctifies us so we can be His instruments to impact the lives of others. Praise the Lord my brother Voyo for sharing.

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