Train a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

When a poor man is hungry, it is courtesy to give him something to eat. He will most definitely enjoy the food because to a hungry man anything might taste like honey. However, that will not improve the quality of his life any longer than a couple of days. Conversely, when the same man after being fed is trained to fish, he will be a blessing to his family and his community at large. The same applies to those hungering for the Bread of Life. I have applied myself to follow this principle.

Have you ever noticed that the food that you harvest from your labor taste a little different? There is something special about eating that which God gives through our efforts. My first bible student would confirm this. In fact, what he said almost blew my brain off. After the initial study, we had two more teenagers joining us wanting not only to learn the truth out of God's word but to learn how to fish the truth for themselves.


 What the first student had said was that he has not had a working understanding of the bible until now. He had been reading the bible and that's all it was to him. But now, the smile and the glow on his face seemed to agree with his words. 

One of the two boys that joined later, came earlier than others this past weeks and we had a little talk. He told me that he had started praying on that day and would continue praying with humility for the next two days. I then asked him what he was praying for. To which he replied with a solemn voice that he need help from God to stop the sin. Not coincidence but Providence had prepared a message for us. The passage we used as an example of how to study the Bible had promises of God's power to keep us from falling. Thus he is learning how to fish not for fish but for truth and the righteousness of God.
The success of the gospel message does not depend upon learned speeches, eloquent testimonies, or deep arguments. It depends upon the simplicity of the message and its adaptation to the souls that are hungering for the bread of life. “What shall I do to be saved?”—this is the want of the soul.—Christ's Object Lessons, 231
- Ellen White
This quote has served to direct and inspire this informal bible school training fishers of men. By God's grace, these young men will grow to be pillars that would help disseminate the power of the gospel thus enlarging God's territory. Again, the best contribution to God's cause and to these people is not merely to feed them information nor is it to just add new member's (all are good), but the best is to train them to find the truth of God's word and their own people seeking for the Bread of Life. 

I ask you to take a moment, now and pray for the boys, for the power of God to overshadow all these meager efforts so that the planted seeds may be giant trees under which many will find blessings and glorify God.

5 thoughts on “Train a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

  1. Amen!!! Praise God for your ministry there. We are praying for you and for those studying with you!

  2. Praise the Lord! I pray that you allow Him to continue to guide you as you collaborate with Him sharing Jesus with others.

  3. Amen!. That is so true, how everything is much more beautiful when you experience it yourself. Even our study of God’s Word!

  4. Thank-you for the inspiration and encouragement to keep our lights shining, no matter how humbly.

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